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Pictures of Waterville's History Past and Present

The flood in June of 2013 caused considerable damage to the lower E Main street and creek banks bordering the street.  The upper left photo is the lower corner now after the repairs were made.

The city had damage to the sewer system as well as lower East Railroad street, the Railroad street bridge and bluff side street.  Other than some minor clean up there was no residential damage.  FEMA participated both state and Federal level to help with the repairs. 

                                            The WMT Tractor Cade visited Waterville with approximately 500 tractors

                                                                                            on June 14th, 2016

Anyone who has pictures of Old time Waterville and would be willing to let me add them to this page, contact me and I will make arrangements to scan them so we can share them with everyone. Contact me at

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