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Waterville High School Reunion Pictures from 2005


The Waterville Community foundation was originally started by a group that wanted to preserve the history of Waterville High school.  But to also serve the community that gave so many memories to it's students, teachers, bus drivers, cooks and janitors.  One of the first projects the foundation worked on was the Waterville High School reunion that was held in 2005.  Below are pictures from the reunion, maybe you will recognize old class mates and friends.  Sadly many in these pictures have passed away already, luckily we have these pictures to remember.


Anyone who wants more information about the Waterville Community Foundation can contact members of the foundation board, or the president of the board who's contact information is shown on the host page, also the Mayor or City Clerk.  Their contact information is shown in the contact section of the web site.

If you have pictures of the Reunion, or memories of it that you would like to share with everyone, contact Dave or send a message to him at his email address, ( and we will add them to this page for you.

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