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Waterville Rural Fire Department

 Fire Department and Ambulance volunteers want to all welcome

          everyone to visit Waterville

The Waterville Rural Fire Department covers Paint Creek Township as well parts of Jefferson, Clinton, Linton,Taylor and Lafayette. The City of Waterville is also a member of this Fire Protection Association.

The new fire station was built in 2013 with various contributions from many that were involved. Some of those were: the City of Waterville who purchased the land from Donna Wood, to be donated to the Fire Department; Larry and George Ashbacher of Rossville Lumber; and H&L Construction donated materials and labor. Because of the many generous donations and the continued support at the annual fund raising events, they were able to move ahead with the construction of this facility for Waterville and the rural area community.  This fire station belongs to the Fire Department. The funds raised at the annual fund raising events continues to be partially used for existing construction loans. 




          Current Fire Department Brigade

                Fire Chief: Loren Mitchell

                Asst. Chief: Jeff Mitchell

            Brigade Roster lists 25 volunteers


      Most recent retired fire chiefs are Gene Leiran and Dan Liddiard

Thankyou for your years of leadership and dedication to this department


New fire truck purchased in 1963.

At one time the Fire Department consisted of one fire truck and one surplus tanker. Today the equipment roster includes six trucks plus the emergency rescue equipment.  Also to house those two trucks all that was needed was a two-bay garage as you can see the fire station behind the picture of the new 1963 fire truck below left.

 New fire truck added in 2014.

Most people spend the weekend relaxing or shopping at Walmart. These volunteers have a different plan for the weekend.

Fire equipment continues to get bigger, and regulations on equipment and types of safety gear the department must provide lend to newer and bigger equipment.

Real fire training is an important part of the volunteers' annual training schedule. Exposure to actual fire situations makes it safer when the real call comes in.

The firemen not only train on fires, but all type of vehicle and grain bin rescues. Important to the firefighter's personal safety is his or her personal confidence when they are called upon.




WFD Junior Firefighter Program has been in existence for several years now. Young men and women who want to be a volunteer firefighter and are not 18 years old yet can join this program.  They are mentored by the volunteer members, they are given the opportunity to train with the department and when they turn 18 are given the opportunity to be a volunteer fire brigade member.

Firefighters Caitlin Troendle, Gunner Grangaard, Loren Mitchell and Sam Hoins have joined the Fire Department

       through the Jr. Firefighter Program.  Loren Mitchell today is the  Fire Chief and Caitlin is the 2nd Asst cnief

Being a volunteer fire fighter is very serious business most of the time.

   But sometimes it is for the kids.  The Junior Firefighters of tomorrow.

 Waterville Ambulance Service

The Waterville Rescue Squad was formed in 1978 when the county went from a private ambulance service to individual services provided by the area fire departments and cities. The Waterville squad was one of the first in the county to graduate 5 trained EMTs. The squad today is an accredited ambulance service staffed by 3 paramedics, 7 EMTs and 4 volunteer drivers.

                Annual fund raising events sponsored by these services:


    1st Saturday in February: Ambulance Service Soup/Sandwich Supper

    2nd Sunday in March: Firemen's Pancake Breakfast

    2nd Weekend in September: Firemen's Car Cruise and Benefit Auction


 These are all important fund raising events that are held   

          annually - mark them on your calendars today.

The volunteer members of the Waterville Fire Department and the Waterville Ambulance Service want to thank you     

                                for your continued support.

On Call 24 Hrs a Day

First In Last Out


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