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 Several committees were formed to take on the plans for the renovation of the school property.  One of those committees is the School House Development Board.  Their main focus will be the possiblities for the original structure, and pursuing possible business opportunites that would like to locate in our facility.   



When it was first realized that the school was going to close and group was organized consisting of alumni of the school to start looking for ways to preserve the trophies and other school memorbillia.  The committe now referred to as the History and Memorbillia committee has been activily raising funds for the project. Sinse the sale the project plans have changed some, but the original plan to save the history is still this groups main focus.

Waterville High and Elementry

Memories of Waterville High, and

Waterville Elementry are going to live on.

In the late summer of 2017 the public was notified by the Allamakee school system that they intended to close the Waterville School at the end of the 2017/2018 school year.  There were several public meetings to try and convince the school board to change this decision with no success.  In early spring of 2018 the school property was listed for sale by sealed bids.  The City of Waterville with the help of some local concerned citizens placed a bid for the property.  The school board did accept the bid from the City of Waterville, on July 1st City of Waterville became the official owner of the Waterville School and surrounding property. 


Currently plans are well underway to preserve this facility, the history and the heritage mean so much to many of us.  Current plans do include the Waterville moving into class rooms, a dedicated area to preserve the history of the school, organized events and activities to utilize the gym.  The lower floor of the newer additon will house the City Hall, council and public meeting room.  Hopefully in the near future the dining hall and kitchen will be available to rent for family and class reunions. 


Waterville's own main street committee has taken the responsibility of developing the rear athletic field into the city park, we welcome families to visit and utilize the playground equipment. Preliminary plans for a shelter and outside restroom are part of this committees planning.

A Park and Rec planning group is currently being organized, with the intent to utilize the facility including the gym for youth and adult recreational athletic opportunities.


Waterville City Council and Waterville Public Library have been the project leaders in this endevour.  Our sub committiees are starting to make progress now and as plans begin to materialize we will be sending out more information to everyone that is interested.  You can follow us on the City of Waterville face book page.


A period of history from Waterville High is the 14 years from 1937 thru 1948.  The Waterville Tigerettes, or otherwise known as the Gals from Allamakee traveled to the State Girls Basketball championships a total of eight times throughout this period. 

  These memories are going to live on for future genertions to understand what the Waterville School has ment to so many

Waterville Parents for Progress

Parents for Progress was made up of parents of Waterville Elementry students who raised funds for the school.  Those funds went towards school supplies, field trips and other items that the annual budget does not allow for.  All funds raised by Parents for Progress stayed at Waterville Elementry.

With the school closing many of the accomplishments of this dedicated group are still going to be available for children in the Waterville community. The playground equipment will be remaining in the City Park.



Shortley the sign will be identifing the new Waterville Community Center



There will be many changes, Kids Club was always a big part of Waterville Elementry, those that participated will alway remeber those days














                Picture from 2015 Field day

The Pictorial History of the Waterville Schools publication was made possible by a grant from the Allamakee County Foundation and sponsorship for the grant by the Allamakee County Historical Society.

Pictorial History

You can refer to the Waterville Community Foundation page for more information on the two- volume Pictorial History books that were published by this committee.  You can also see pictures of the Waterville High All School reunion that was held in 2005 under the the Community Foundation Header.  A planning committe is working on another All High School reunion to be held in June 26th of 2016. For more information you can search on face book for Waterville High School Reunion  or the web site is

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